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Andreae Spray Booth Filter ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

The migration phenomenon is common when slow-drying coatings are used in combination with mesh or fiberglass filters - when the airflow pulls out particles previously trapped in the mesh or fiberglass. Consequently, the once deposited particles will again migrate throughout the system.

However, the Andreae filter uses the principle of separation by inertia, where the paint particles stay trapped in the retention pocket outside of the airstream.

Airflow loaded with paint particles (overspray) will suffer several radical changes in direction. These paint particles, heavier than air, follow tangent trajectories within the airflow. Thus, paint particles accumulate in the Andreae filter retention pockets outside of the airstream, allowing the airflow to exit the filter virtually free of any overspray.

The static pressure within the booth thus increases slowly, and as a result the spray booth stays cleaner longer, and the airflow around the coated parts stays uniform throughout the life of the filters.

Benefits of using Andreae filters:

  • High holding capacity up to 5 times higher than other filter types
  • Easiest filter to use in the market
  • High efficiency near 100% depending on the paint used
  • Reduced freight and storage costs
  • Fewer filter changes resulting in higher spray booth productivity
  • Constant airflow in the spray booth throughout the life of the filter
  • Ecological product
Technical Specifications