Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

Pressure Tank ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

The pressure air tank is equipped with an air motor, air pressure regulator, safety valve, release cock, material outlet, inner material tank and 4 moving wheels.

For durability, all the component parts are made with the finest materials and are strictly inspected before assembly. The surface of the whole tank is also treated with special paint for a durable appearance.

The material being sprayed can be agitated automatically by the air motor. This keeps the material smooth at all times during spraying, and prevents the target product from colour differences caused by material settling.

The capacity of this versatile tank enables the operator to carry out almost any job with professional results. Furthermore, special material such as enamel paint, chemical liquid, glue, sticky material, etc can also be transferred as smoothly as required.

Technical Specifications