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GVS Half-Face Mask with ABEK1P3 filters ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a full range of vision without interfering with other eye or ear protection which users are required to wear. 

The gas cartridges contain specific activated carbon granules with optimised characteristics such as pore size, grain size, activity level, density etc, which provide a maximum adsorption performance and a really low breathing resistance. Each respirator is supplied pre-fitted with two gas or combined gas & particulate cartridge filters for the protection against a range of gases, vapours, dusts and mists. Once the cartridges are finished, they can be replaced with new filters. These offer versatile protection against substances in concentration up to 5,000 ppm and from dust and mists up to 50 TLV

It is suitable use in application : Univeral gases, dust, mists and fumes. Protect from Organic gases and vapours with a boiling point above 65 degree celcuis. Inorganic gases and vapours (excluding carbon monoxide). Sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours. Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.

The materials used for masks and filters are hypo-allergenix, ordourless, FDA compatibale and Non latex or silicone.