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Hydraulic Dyna-Star ( Fluid Handling )
Product Code & Goods Description
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Heavy-duty construction and mining equipment rely on fresh lubricant to flush contaminants from critical pivot points. An automatic lubrication system from Graco provides continuous lube replenishment, preventing expensive component failures.


  • A wide variety of 60 lb (27 kg), 120 lb (54 kg) and 400 lb (181 kg) pump lengths and 60 lb (27 kg) and 90 lb (41 kg) reservoir options to fit all your off-road equipment
  • Pre-configured pump kits for injector or divider valve based systems give you maximum flexibility
  • Optional Graco controller, level indicator, pressure switch, follower plates and drum covers put you in control of your system-no more second guessing
  • Convenient pressure and flow control built-in

Hydraulic control module-all your controls in one package for easy system setup and maintenance

Technical Specifications