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Wall Thickness / MiniTest 400 ( Inspection & Measuring )
Product Code & Goods Description

The MiniTest 400 series is a sturdy and accurate ultrasonic thickness gauge based on the ultrasonic pulse run-time method.

Three variants of the coating thickness gauge MiniTest 400 are available:

MiniTest 420 - the sturdy entry-level model with the most important basic functions

MiniTest 430 - with extended functional range and USB interface

MiniTest 440 - the high-end device that can penetrate coatings for measuring

6 ultrasonic probes with frequencies ranging between 2 and 10 MHz in different designs offer a broad spectrum of applications and thickness measurements ranging from 0.65 mm to 500 mm. A high temperature ultrasonic probe is also available, designed for measurement of hot materials with temperatures of up to 350 °C.

The device is equipped for automatic detection of the intelligent ultrasonic probes and re-calibration is not required upon switching probes. The calibration data of the sensor is saved in the probe (only in the case of MiniTest 430 and 440). Uninterrupted scanning of a part for thinning is possible at the minimum mode.

Technical Specifications