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GH300 ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

Graco’s GH 300 is the largest of the GH family of sprayers. Built with a rugged and durable Honda 270 cc (9.0 hp) engine, it’s ideal for the high-production contractor who sprays the heaviest materials including elastomerics, block fillers, gypsum, and dry fall.

And when you need maximum performance, turn to the all new DutyMax GH 300di sprayer to get the job done—fast! Equipped with a long stroke, direct immersion pump, this hydraulic workhorse is built for the biggest, most demanding jobs and materials. Built for you in both Standard Series.


Incredible Durability

  • Exclusive crush-proof rock catcher.
  • Heavy-duty frame can be tilted on its nose for quick service in the field.
  • Shroud support protects belt from jobsite damage.


Less Maintenance

  • Flow-through Easy Out pump filter has an oversized surface and flows from the inside out, keeping the filter from collapsing.
  • 4-bolt hydraulic head stabilizer keeps pump parts from prematurely loosening.
  • Isolation-mounted engine cuts down on vibration.
  • O-ring high pressure hydraulic fittings and form-fitted hydraulic lines eliminate leaks.
  • High efficiency hydraulic motor runs quiet.


Reduced Downtime

  • Exclusive ProConnect system allows for jobsite pump removal and replacement (ProContractor Series only).
  • Uses standard hydraulic fluid that only needs to be changed once a year.
  • Hydraulic fluid tank design promotes efficient cooling.


Honda Engine

  • Compact, lightweight, and powerful, Honda engines are reliable, technologically advanced, and easy to start.
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine if oil level drops too low, preventing damage.
  • Contractor preferred.


High-Capacity Cooling System

  • A hydraulic pump is only as good as its cooling system, and Graco’s innovative design allows the pump to run cooler and more efficiently.
  • Innovative hydraulic reservoir is tapered on the bottom, allowing easier and more thorough fluid changes.
  • Cooling fins on reservoir deflect heat away from sprayer.
  • No special hydraulic fluid needed.


Rugged, Durable Cart Design

  • With a Graco sprayer, it’s not just the mechanical parts that are built to last - our carts are built to deliver years of performance.
  • Thick chrome over welded steel withstands rugged environments.
  • Full pneumatic wheels absorb impacts and vibrations.
  • Retractable handle doubles as coiled hose storage.
  • Tilts on its nose for service in the field.


Easy Out Pump Filter

  • The Easy Out pump filter is designed to filter from the inside out so filters won’t get stuck or collapse when filled with dirt or debris.
  • Large 19.5 square inch filtering area reduces tip clogs and ensures a quality finish.
  • Vertical filter removes with the cap for less mess.


High-Efficiency Hydraulic Motor

  • Graco’s hydraulic pump delivers rock-solid performance time after time and keeps you up and running.
  • Faster, more responsive changeover.
  • O-ring sealed fittings and form fitted hydraulic lines prevent leaks.
  • Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and longer life.


Endurance Pump

  • Graco’s Endurance Pump is the most rugged and reliable pump on the market today.
  • Long-life V-Max Blue™ packings.
  • Chromex™ rod and hardened stainless steel sleeve deliver superior reliability and life.
  • Knock-off foot valve allows for quick access.


Endurance Pump with Max Flo+ (for Dutymax)

  • Oversized clearances ensure minimal pressure drop and surge-free performance. The pump’s specially designed, submerged foot valve efficiently loads thick, heavy material while protecting against pack-out and clogging.
  • Foot valve is positioned low to the ground where it stays submerged in the material bucket.
  • New Max Flo+ with Packout Protection provides oversized fluid passages to deliver maximum flow of even the heaviest materials while virtually eliminating pump pack-out.
  • Long-life ceramic and stainless steel balls included for maximum versatility no matter what you’re spraying.


Heavy-Duty Prime Valve

  • Maintenance-free design withstands high-pressure dumping.


Indoor & Outdoor

  • Use Quickly swap the gas engine for an electric motor in seconds—without tools!


Technical Specifications